Identifying 6.7 Cummins Crankcase Filter Problems with Proper Reasons

What are the common problems with the 6.7 Cummins crankcase filter? A clogged filter is one of the most acute. To know in detail, stay with us.

Well, there can be some other issue than a clogged filter valve. So, let’s dive in to know them all to avoid such issues.

Distinguish 6.7 Cummins Crankcase Filter Problems

We made a table so that it would be easy to understand the major and minor problems with their specific reasons. After meaningful research, we collect this information and try to present it in front of you.

6.7 Cummins ProblemsReasons
Clogged CCVDirt build-up  
Sensor issueSensor is damaged
Idling Long & improper emissionNot getting enough oil flow
Leak in exhaustFaulty CCV, clogged vent

After seeing the comparison table, we get an overview of the 6 7 Cummins CCV filter problems. To know the issues in detail and distinguish the reasons, we describe them with a proper solution that will help you recover from these problems quickly.

Clogged CCV

One of the leading problems is the clogged crankcase filter, which significantly impacts the entire function of the Crankcase filter.

After a long time of riding without maintaining proper oil change can lead to dirt and carbon build-up in the crankcase valve line. And this clogs the oil flow. And it can throw a code like p1507 or P1506.

In this case, you need to either clean the crankcase filter or replace it if cleaning does not seem to be that effective.

Crankcase Sensor Issue

Another fundamental problem is the sensor is faulty. The fuel won’t pass thoroughly into the combustion chamber when the crankcase filter valve sensor becomes damaged. As a result, it won’t show the proper performance mileage that it should have.

In that case, you should replace the sensor. And don’t fall for the trap of injection cleaning, as most local garages can try to fill their pockets.

Idling Long & Improper Emission

Another most seen problem with the 6.7 Cummins crankcase filter is reduced fuel economy. And engine idling long. Well, when the crankcase filter recalls, and still you don’t replace it, it won’t provide the performance peak that your Cummins engine usually gives.

So, replacing the crankcase filter every 67K miles is always recommended.

Leak in Exhaust

Exhaust leaking is another issue you can face when you have a fault crankcase filter. Again, sometimes, if the crankcase filter valve is clogged, it can create a blockage to the injection and result in exhaust leaks.

Here, we will also go for the same suggestion: to give proper attention to the crankcase filter recall.

Note: You must be concerned about these 6.7 Cummins filters problem. Following the manufacturer’s instructions and our suggestions, you will recover from these problems smoothly.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Does A Crankcase Filter Do On A 6.7 Cummins?

The Crankcase filter plays an influential role on a 6.7 Cummins to reduce environmental waste and oil consumption. The Crankcase Ventilation Filter CV52001 and Cummins 4936636 High-efficiency Crankcase aerosol filtrations are responsible for reducing oil consumption and ecological destruction.

When Should I Change My Cummins Crankcase Filter?

Every 75K mileage, you should change your Cummins Crankcase filter. So, get your CCV replaced on time. As a result, your maintenance cost would be reduced from bearing further leading issues.

How Do I Know If My Crankcase Filter Is Bad?

Oil leaks, decrease in engine performance, power, excessively high idle, and acceleration are the signs of a lousy Crankcase filter. When you see anyone’s character, you will be sure there is something wrong with your Cummins Crankcase filter.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you get a clear concept of the 6.7 Cummins Crankcase filter problems with their specific reasons. Now, it’s easy to identify and solve problems smoothly without taking the car into the mechanical shop. If you are concerned about these problems and have explicit knowledge of the reasons for solutions, you would be ahead of the other owners and can save the extra cost.

If you are confused with any part of this content, reread the topic with full attention. You can even get help from an expert or mechanical advisor to learn more about Cummins filter problems.

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