6.7 Cummins CCV Delete Pros and Cons: All You Should Know!

6.7 L Cummins CCV is a suitable attachment for your vehicle, especially when it’s an SUV or a truck. If you have this diesel attachment, you already know you can delete it. However, nowadays, it’s become essential to know about 6.7 Cummins CCV delete pros and cons.

Like everything else, the Cummins CCV delete feature has both advantages and disadvantages. For example, deleting it can make your car run smoother and prevent extra fuel wastage. Let’s know more!

What Are the 6.7 Cummins CCV Delete Pros And Cons?

Before you know the good and bad sides, you must know why delete CCV on 6.7 Cummins. The reason is quite simple: the CCV(crankcase ventilation valve) blows gas, but it gets dirty over a long time. That’s why you must change the CCV; otherwise, it will fail to blow hot air.


However, let’s see some pros of CCV delete from 6.7 Cummins.

1. Fuel Away From Turbo

The diesel stays outside the turbo and doesn’t go inside. The crankcase ventilation delete ensures that the oil, mostly diesel, stays in the right place and keeps providing the proper energy.

2. Makes Vehicle Smoother

Vehicles run well and feel smoother if you delete the CCV. It would make you feel fewer obstacles while driving and the car or truck will have fewer tendencies to stop in the middle.

3. Improves The Power

You can improve the horsepower and total performance. Because the removal increases the capacity of conversion and, as a result, the performance.

4. Ease At Crankcase Pressure

The crankcase pressure gets easy to control. Though the ventilation should be controlling the flow, the removal can also help the pressure management.

5. Prevents Oil Leak

Oil leaking will stop immediately. If your vehicle seems to have oil leakage, you can go for CCV delete. This will aid your vehicle with more efficiency with oil consumption.

6. Inexpensive

Replacement costs less than repairing when you’re sure that the old one is not functioning well. Replacement costs half of repairing a CCV on Cummins.

But What Are the Cons?

Well, our research could find only one disadvantage to CCV delete. And that is-

CCV Is Not A Solution to All Problems

It may solve only problems with the turbo and pipe, not others. Your vehicle may have issues with other parts near the engine. But changing the CCV may not solve them all.

In such cases, we always recommend you hire professionals to aid with other issues with your car.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is It Worth To Delete Cummins?

If one asks you that is CCV delete worth it 6.7 Cummins, you should say that it depends. If your CCV needs simple cleaning and works well after cleaning it, you don’t have to spend money on deleting it and getting a supplement.
On the other hand, deleting 6.7 Cummins becomes necessary when you want to improve the PDF performance of your vehicle. Moreover, you may see some clogs on the pipe, and that’s when you have to spend a lot of money to delete CCV from your 6.7 Cummins.

How Often Should You Change CCV Filter 6.7 Cummins?

A crankcase ventilator works well to ventilate air for quite a long time as it works well on heavy-duty vehicles. It may vary due to the performance, but a CCV filter can work without disturbing till 67500 miles.
You should change the CCV filter after the vehicle has passed that distance. Sometimes, your car may signal you if there is any problem with the ventilating pipe. That’s when you should immediately replace the CCV filter.

Can You Just Delete DEF On Cummins?

If you want to remove the DEF only, not the CCV, you can do that because Cummins has the DEF removal feature. It is used to improve the engine’s performance. The horsepower utilization increases during the DEF delete process.
Trucks with DEF delete installed can increase fuel utilization by up to 30% and maximize performance.

What Happens If You Don’t Change CCV Filter 6.7 Cummins?

The incident may not seem very serious, and many of you think 6.7 Cummins CCV delete good or bad, but changing the CCV filter on 6.7 Cummins is essential. The ventilation pipe will keep getting dirty daily and create plaque, narrowing the way.
If you want to avoid such a situation, you should change the CCV when it’s time. If you don’t change, it will affect your vehicle performance, and you will notice a constant decrease.

Bottom Line

It is not always compulsory to delete 6.7 Cummins CCV, but you should know 6.7 Cummins CCV delete pros and cons for general knowledge. So, you can say it is good overall if you accept the minimum drawbacks and deal with them.

Your priority should be your truck or similar vehicle’s performance and ensure proper ventilation. Please follow the mentioned interval and change the CCV after that time regularly.

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