12-Volt Solutions Remote Start Problems: Reasons And Solutions

Are you facing trouble functioning your car remotely? A remote starter is an advanced feature for any automobile that allows you to start your car remotely. Though a common remote start is a 12-volt solution remote start, over time, you may face 12-volt solutions remote start problems that are frustrating.

The common problem of 12Volt solution remote start is whether it responds late or works automatically. Also, it’s frustrating seeing the remote start not working in the winter season. The problems can occur for various reasons.

Read this article to know all the reasons for these problems with solutions. Hopefully, you can get rid of the remote starting hassle after going through the guide.

12 Volt Solution Remote Start Problems: Know The Reasons At A Glance

If you don’t know the exact reasons why the problems occur, you can’t resolve the issue perfectly. The table below listed the possible reasons for each problem.

ProblemsPossible Reasons
Remote not workingDead battery inside the remote
Programming improperlyHazards light or check engine light on
Remote function automaticallyMay attempt too many remote start
Hatch or door lock/unlock problemFaulty wiring
Installation issueIncompatible remote with car’s make and model
Improper startImproper installation of solution remote start
Turns off after a few secondsMalfunctioning hood pin sensors and bad battery

The most typical problem with 12-volt solutions remote start is it functions itself. No one wants a remote starter problem, especially when it is cold outside. But it stops working for various reasons. Today all the possible problems will be discussed that you may face.

1. Turn The Remote Off After A Few Seconds

The first problem of solution remote start is the remote turning off after a few seconds. This is why the vehicle works less or doesn’t work the way it should. If you notice that, check the car’s manual hurriedly. Do you notice anything popping up? If not, find the exact reasons.

Check the tachometer signals. Faulty tachometer signals can cause this problem since these signals determine the starting and running time.

In addition to the tachometer signal fault, loosening hood pin switch, damaged remote battery, the fob key in the car, the vehicle is not in park mode, etc., can be the culprit. According to Car Super Care, if the problem is still there, check the coolant and oil pressure issues.

Solution: Find the exact reasons for the issue and take steps immediately. If the problem is a tachometer signal fault, you can do it yourself. Again, if the problem is in the hood pin switch, re-adjust or tighten the pin correctly. Otherwise, take the car into the garage to fix the issue with an expert.

2. Faulty Programming

The second problem might be faulty remote programming. Over time, you may face trouble repairing the remote start to the engine computer (ECU or ECM). This causes the entire function to malfunction.

United Lock Smith disclosed that the reason for not programming the remote start correctly is a dying battery or an incompatible remote start with the car model.

Possible Solution: Change the remote battery, and replace the dying one with a new one. Also, check if the model of the car is suitable for the existing 12-volt solution remote start. If not, the device will not pair. In this circumstance, you must replace the key remote.

3. The Remote Is Not Working

Remote malfunctioning or not working the way it should is the most intriguing problem for any remote start. Remote stops working for various reasons. One of the most typical yet frequent causes is using the remote improperly.

Without knowing the using procedure, you can’t attempt to start the engine with a remote start. Other reasons are a dead battery, oil pressure or coolant temperature abnormalities, faulty car key remote, faulty transmitter, broken components, etc.

Solutions: If the issue is with the battery, replace it without any delay. When the problem is in the coolant or oil pressure, check the level and treat it accordingly. Otherwise, take assistance from an expert.

4. The Remote Function Automatically

Another concerning issue with the remote start is it works itself. Many car owners wonder why my remote start keeps starting by itself. The reasons behind it are clear. It happens when the remote relay sensor gets damaged or broken. Also, any electrical malfunction in the remote start or car can cause this problem.

Solutions: You can reduce this hassle by replacing the battery or malfunctioning electrical components. But it is wise to change the entire remote start for better performance in the future, as one of the 2017 Toyota Prius users from Tundras Forum did the same.

5. Hatch Or Door Lock/Unlock Problem

This is a familiar problem where you press the unlock button on the remote, but the door doesn’t unlock, and the backlight flashes. Also, when you press the lock button, it may not lock. If this is the issue, it is either a wiring problem or a problem with the button.

Again, there may be problems with the door, like the door being blocked, any part of the door may deviating, etc. In this case, you need to solve all these problems quickly.

Solutions: First, find the exact reasons and then treat them accordingly. You may notice the remote start button isn’t functioning right. In this situation, it’s better to replace, but you can change the housing. If the issue is deprogramming the key fob, continue the repairing process.

6. Installation Issue

Having inaccuracy in installing the 12-volt solution remote start. You can’t expect the highest performance from a car remote start without installing it right.

If you don’t know how to install 12-volt solutions remorse start, you can’t install it correctly. For your convenience, here is a simple guide to how you do it like a pro!

7. Improper Start

An improper start may happen when the internal functions are not right. In this case, you had better check the remote key fob battery or change the entire remote.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When Does The Remote Start Not Working?

There are several reasons why the remote start is not working. Among them, the possible reasons are a broken key remote, malfunction to the car computing systems, loose hood sensor switch, damaged key fob battery, etc. In addition, if you attempt to start the car with the remote start too many times simultaneously, the remote will not serve the way it should.

Why Does My Remote Start Keep Turning Off?

When it comes to remote start keeping turned off, you should check the battery first. Other reasons include signal issues, the key being in the car, faulty programming, etc. When one of them happens, seek help from an expert. If this continues, other problems will arise, putting the entire system at risk.


The remote starter unit is fantastic as well as an advanced feature to make your ride more convenient and easier. But improper installation or other malfunctioning causes problems. However, 12volt Solution remote start is a highly-demandable unit nowadays. But the 12-volt solution remote start problems can also appear over time.

Unfortunately, many car owners don’t figure out the exact problems and reasons causing the entire system to malfunction. And so now we hope you got a complete guide to figuring out all the issues and the possible solutions. Hopefully, you can now enjoy the most out of your remote start.

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